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Moneyball Comes To ACC Football

The emergence of two super-conferences means North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast Conference football programs will strive to win while getting seriously outspent—as Appalachian State University has done for years.  

Boom or Bust

Boom Supersonic could make North Carolina not just first in flight, but fastest. Yet experts question whether the startup’s supersonic jetliner will ever take off. 

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People & Place


Schism in the Body

After years of acrimonious debate, the United Methodist Church has started to rupture. One church—with members ranging from ‘flaming progressive to dang near fundamentalist’—tries to reconcile an increasingly unavoidable divide.

Featured Stories

King of The Road

Last year, the Burlington City Council unanimously supported transforming a bleak avenue leading from the interstate to downtown. Then power broker Sam Hunt derailed the plan—and helped exile the three-term mayor.

Is WUNC Ready to Turn It Up?

North Carolina’s largest public radio station has banked $20 million in cash with strong broadcast numbers and listener support, but it has also left gaps. Now WUNC is seeking a new president, and a vision for moving forward, in a shifting universe of local news and media.

The Soul Truth

One of North Carolina’s most prominent pastors, the charismatic J.D. Greear of The Summit Church, is trying to convert the Triangle with love and a hard line: You’re damned without Jesus. Can it work?