The Assembly is Hiring a Revenue and Growth Director

With a starting salary of at least $65,000, the position will manage and execute product design and revenue strategy for a fast-growing subscriber-oriented startup outlet.


We’re looking for a person to accelerate The Assembly’s ambitious growth and revenue plans by working with a diverse list of advisers and vendors. This is a new, full-time, permanent position. 

Success in this role has the potential to lead into a more senior role as CFO/Head of Product with direct reports. 

The Assembly is a longform, digital magazine that launched in February, 2021. We tap a range of reporters to spend weeks on big stories about power in North Carolina – who has it, how they got it, and what they’re doing with it.

That means stories about politics, culture, education, the environment, sports, religion – and so much more. Narrative stories, fueled by scoops and revelatory journalism.

The best candidate will have experience with subscription models and audience growth - though not necessarily in journalism. We need a driver who can bring together an extensive network of partners and supporters to help The Assembly fully monetize its momentum and impact. 


The Organization

The Assembly is a scrappy start-up with a rapidly growing reputation for reporting the kind of stories that you won’t find anywhere else in the state. Our culture is adaptable and collaborative. On any given day each of us wears a variety of hats and do whatever needs to be done to help our growing audience find our excellent journalism.

We’re a subscriber-supported, for-profit outlet intent on elevating longform magazine-style journalism at the state-level. Our funding comes from investors and subscribers. We don’t rely on recurring foundation support. We’ve been publicly praised for our disclosure policy and will further enhance our transparency this spring. 

We’ve partnered with state and national outlets, including co-publishing and co-reporting set-ups. Four different joint stories are currently underway, and several long-term partnerships are in discussion. 

Our stories are regularly cited by national outlets, including Politico, The Washington Post, Sunday Long Read, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, among others.

We aim to be a reflection of the state; with reporters from – and based in – diverse communities across North Carolina. By combining outstanding national talent with the best of North Carolina, we believe we can bring a compelling spotlight to the state-level, and change outcomes because of it.

Reflecting the state requires a newsroom that reflects the state’s diversity of talent and perspectives. We encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people, people who were formerly incarcerated, veterans and people with disabilities.


Ideal Candidates

We’re seeking an adaptable, collaborative person with an eye for detail and track record for excellence in execution. Over the next year, this position will manage all phases of our subscription funnel, launch a newsletter monetization advertising program, and work with partners to execute a paid event strategy. 

The ideal candidate will be a curious and creative problem solver, and a strong executor, savvy with email newsletters, digital marketing, engagement funnels, and paid event strategies - though deep expertise is not necessary in any single area. 

They’ll be capable of managing vendor and partner relationships to get the most out of them while prioritizing long-term collaboration. 

We know that there are great candidates who won’t be equally skilled or experienced in all the duties required by this role, and this is not a complete list of all relevant qualifications applicants might bring to the job. We look forward to hearing about how you’ll use your skills and experiences to help The Assembly achieve its growth goals.


Job Duties

Subscriber Funnel: Develop and execute strategies to improve newsletter registrant growth, paid subscriber growth, and paid subscriber retention.

Audience Growth: Oversee our marketing program, manage email list swaps and acquisitions, lead newsletter strategy and design.

Newsletter Monetization: Launch and manage a newsletter advertising program to monetize The Assembly’s twice-weekly newsletter - with significant sales assistance from The Assembly's founder. 

Paid Events: Launch and oversee a paid events strategy, with a primary focus on partner-driven events. The extent to which this role will drive event strategy will vary by the experience and interest of the hire. 

Vendor Management: Manage and evaluate vendor and partner relationships for The Assembly, including its marketing and audience engagement vendors, and publishing partnerships including Apple News and others. 

Data: Develop and monitor KPIs for the magazine’s reader engagement and work with the leadership team to provide appropriate guidance and feedback to guide coverage.

Tech Stack: Improve, expand, and manage The Assembly’s technology stack as it uses (and completes a migration to) Pico, Stripe, and Active Campaign. 

Finances: Oversee cash flow and long-term budgeting during The Assembly’s ongoing capital raise in collaboration with The Assembly’s founder.


Compensation and Benefits

At least $65,000 annual salary, paid monthly by direct deposit.

Generous health insurance plans, with The Assembly covering 80% of employee premiums and 50% of family premiums – as well as dental, vision, life and disability insurance.

Flexible work schedule, with twenty-one days of paid time off, in addition to federal holidays, and twelve weeks of paid parental leave.


Application Process

To apply, please answer the five questions below and send via a pdf, along with a pdf of your resume, to

The Assembly will begin formally reviewing applications at 5 pm on Monday, January 31st. The application window will remain open but we strongly encourage you to submit your application by the 31st. 

Application review will include a three-person panel, including voices from outside The Assembly’s staff. 

After an initial screening, select candidates will be invited to a phone interview, after which finalists will be invited to a video or in-person interview. Travel costs will be covered by The Assembly

Our promise: you’ll get a timely email from us after each step, regardless of whether or not you move forward. 

Email us with questions:


Application Questions

  1. What about The Assembly's model makes you interested in this role?
  2. What subscriber-first models should The Assembly emulate? What differentiates a good subscriber-first business?
  3. How can a journalism outlet think through the balance of revenue and audience growth, and ensuring quality journalism. What are the tradeoffs and what should be the guardrails?
  4. Describe a recent professional win - what happened and why are you proud of it?
  5. Plus: How'd you hear about this job opportunity? - i.e. referral, a specific newsletter or job board, etc.

Be sure to also attach your resume when you submit your answers.