The Weight of Words

How Davidson College struck a balance between free expression and making sure marginalized voices aren’t drowned out.

Banking On A Global Catastrophe

Bank of America made billions off the world’s most polluting industries. The effort to change its course on climate continues.


Two Paths to Power

Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry, the two most-senior House Republicans from North Carolina, have embraced different styles as they climb the ranks. 


Divisions and Subdivisions

A development fight has split the Greensboro exurb of Summerfield. The threat of state intervention might actually bring them together.

Four Years After Florence 

Like many in Eastern North Carolina, Pastor Willie Jordan was no stranger to storms and flooding. Then came Hurricane Florence.

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Schism in the Body

After years of acrimonious debate, the United Methodist Church has started to rupture. One church—with members ranging from ‘flaming progressive to dang near fundamentalist’—tries to reconcile an increasingly unavoidable divide.

Who’s Your People?

North Carolina’s Lumbee have been fighting for federal tribal recognition for over a century. Their story reveals a great deal about race, identity, and who does—and does not—count as “Native.” 

Below the Fold

North Carolina’s third-largest city, Greensboro, once had a thriving newspaper in the News & Record. What’s left after years of media-conglomerate cuts is a shell of the paper’s former self.